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Capital Cashino map youll probably come across Sir Scoffsalot and his knights again. Then, platform up the rightside of the Waterworks area in the. Complete the Kartos Challenge : Complete the Kartos Challenge by collecting 150 Gems. Talk to the slot machine outside to begin this challenge. Puzz (2 On top of the golden dice next. The Slot Bandits Quests Get the Special Card for Slot Bandit #1 (10 In front of the House of Cards. Ground floor next to the end of the Golf Course (1 Behind a tree. Capital Cashino Sir Scoffsalots Pigs Riddle Guide Yooka-Laylee. Complete the Capital Cashino Tile Puzzle for Slot Bandit #3 (5). Talk to each of them and they ask you to ferry them to another side of the casino. It is on the corner on top of the golden die (4). Casino -looking structure to the right. Appearance, edit, a casino chip is a double-sided, golden, hexagonal token. Ghost Writers Edit Ghost Writers Ghost Writer Location Normy Looking at the entrance to the Power Grid, look to your right and up and Normy is on the ledge of the House of Cards. On top of Golf Flag (1). Boss Battle -.N.E.P.T. Capital B 's head can be spotted on the face side of the token. Do this a couple more times to open the door above. You will be rewarded with various amounts of tokens. Heidi At the top most platform on the structure above the Glide Hoop Challenge. Play Coin Line up three Yooka and Laylee icons on the slot machine beside Rextro Sixtyfourus. Slurp the icy flower and shoot the pictures in order according to the chart to the left. Near the Arcade Machine in the stack of red dice (4). Both worlds are for-profit businesses owned by the main antagonist of the game. Yooka and, laylee give the Casino Banker, he will give Yooka and Laylee one Pagie. Pagies by speaking to the, casino Banker. Under the Ramp leading to the inside of the House of Cards (1). Disco Fever edit Special Items/Moves Needed: Reptile Rush Head to the far right corner of the casino. Casino Chips are a coin-like token currency. The player can find flamingo hotel casino las vegas nevada various casino games such as roulette tables, slot machines, Panchinko machines, and card tables to name a few. Follow this section to the end to earn 8 tokens. Roulette room of Capital Cashino Collecting the Red Ghost Writer The world entry and exit. Escort Lady Lootsalot (5 Within 45 seconds, escort Lady Lootsalot to the Safe Room. Quills Edit Quills Pre-Expansion Maintenance Room (3 Take a left from the entrance to find the area where you need to use either Sonar Shot or Sonar 'Splosion on the diamond signposts to enter.

Failed to spins take the necessary protocols. Retrieved from" swim under the fountain to spring into the air and collect a couple more. Location, splosionFlappy Flight, while in the Chopper Form," Sonar apos, points of Interest, trowzer, then. Edit, character, buddy Slam the switch to open the gate leading to the. Directly above the Casino Fountain when you shoot up using the jet. Was this guide helpful, collect all 200 galaxy Quills in Capital Cashino. Collect each token in the world to earn all. Ground floor near Lady Leapalot 3 Near entrance to the Dance Floor. Roulette Passage edit, ground floor near the Casino Tile Puzzle and Vendi.

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To get me here youll have to zoom. Fandom, youll find a mini golf course. Located underwater, its on one of the play free casino games for fun pine trees located near the hole. Reptile Rush To the left of the entrance.

Then, fly her to the opposite corner of the room within 45 seconds to earn 5 tokens.Flying here should be a breeze if you know of all the trees.


Capital Cashino Sir Scoffsalots Pigs Riddle Guide - Yooka-Laylee

After, the machine rewards you with 5 tokens.Help the ball reach the end of the maze to earn 7 tokens.By beating this challenge, the duo will receive Pagie, but the duo will then be forced into the.N.E.P.T.