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Casino wheel for free once every 3 hours. Super Casino Spin doesnt count towards the Casino events. From left to right the chance for a certain quantity to appear on refresh is 55/45/5. Hence, this is the worst place If you are looking for. The only way to spin the Wishing Fountain is to use the Wishing Coins (Casino Chips). Gold, Magic Dust, Spirit and, monster Souls. You need to be at least level 80 or VIP 3 to use the Super Casino. These are 4 Heroes available from the Casino Wheel: Once again, the chance of getting them from the Casino is only.1 The Casino Store.k.a Lucky Store For every spin on the Idle Heroes Casino, you receive 10x Luck Coin. It is located at the top right of the Casino screen. Available items and heroes from the casino store: Price Goods Super Casino The Super Casino unlocks at Level 80 or when reaching VIP3 as a part casino of the Casino. There is a countdown timer on the screen showing this. The casino wheel can be spun by using Casino. The odd of getting. One Chip gives you one spin. Available 5 star Heroes: Faction Heroes Shadow Fortress Abyss Forest Dark - Light. The wheel will be forced to refresh after 24 hours since the last spin, just like the normal Casino.

Luck Coins are a currency used in the casino store in the top right conner of the Common Casino denoted by 2 coins on a purple background. The Wishing Fountain Casino is a great place for getting 1 Super Chip 1 Spin, spirit, the Super Wishing Fountain Super Casino is like a super version of the normal Wishing Fountain Casino. It is strongly recommended to take a look at the amount of resources on the wheel. Gold, before you do a lot of spins like during the Casino Event. T own anything in the video, idle heroes casino including the audio and picture, spirit. If you are lucky to get some rare items. They will be shadowed and you will not be able to get them again before refreshing the Casino 2x 500x Event daily rewards, these rewards go up idle heroes casino with the level of the player as follows. It is recommended to use a single Super Chip every time. List of heroes available on the Super Casino Wheel. Magic Dust 140 10k 20k 30k.

What is Wishing Fountain (Casino ) in Idle Heroes?For every spin on the Idle Heroes Casino, you receive 10x Luck Coin.

Idle heroes casino

There are only a few ways to get the Super Chips. Reseting the countdown, if you dont want to wait. You get a forced refresh after 24 idle heroes casino hours from the last refresh. The wheel can be spun by using Super Wishing Coins. The chance of getting the lowest reward. One coin will get you one spin. Buy in the Marketplace, if you dont want to wait. You can purchase various items in Casino Store aka Lucky Store 4180 30k 60k 90k 10k 20k 60k k 160k 240k 30k 60k 90k k 200k 300k 50k 100k 150k k 250k 375k 50k 100k 150k Each resource can appear in one of three quantities. Casino has been renamed to Wishing Fountain.

VIP2 or level 80, which allows the option to receive 10 spins for 8 coins.Idle Heroes Wishing Fountain (Casino) Rewards.As of this writing, the spins in Super Casino does not count towards the normal Casino events.


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Available 5 star Heroes from spins: Faction Shadow Fortress Abyss Forest Light Dark Hero - - Lucky store For every spin you make on the casino wheel, you get 10x Luck Coins.If you can do 10 spins at once for only 8 Chips, you will receive 100x Luck Coin.Instead, you should focus on the other rewards.