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be as 3D Tic Tac above, but with a few differences and includes a compiled version. For scanning it) as a PDF (84K) file, Word (15K) file, or QL plain text (3K) file. (urne) (21K) 12/02/17 Manual as a PDF file (1.6MB) QJewels - based on the popular Jewels games, this version for GD2 systems (e.g. (Alan Pywell) (18K) M-Cosmic - a jump-n-run game. Needs 256K RAM and Minerva to work. This version has been patched to work on smsq/E systems. Help Santa catch the Reindeers by herding them into the pen. High score table and plenty of configuration options. Zagraj, bubble Charms 2, zagraj, hex Puzzle, zagraj. The object of the game is to cause the processes of opposing programs to terminate (which happens if they execute an invalid instruction leaving the victorious program in sole possession of the machine. At the moment it's only really suitable for use with QemuLator (or possibly other emulators able to handle disk images although the disk image master can be used to make working disk copies. Zip - Gomuku.0 A game from the Spanish (QLiper) Club. Dynamons World, zagraj, doodle Jump, zagraj, pirate Hunter. Pick up treasures by moving over them. Based on the game of Klotski. If you don't have the right keys for the doors, you have to answer questions. (Wolfgang Lenerz) (207K) 11/05/18 Breakout - a version of Breakout for the QL (8K) 12/12/02 Breakout - The classic game of Breakout - demolish a wall! I am grateful to Rich Mellor for securing permission from the late authors' family to release this for free download. (PE) (17K) 12/12/02 Crazy_Cards. Press Esc if you can't move. (David Denham) (84K) 24/03/08 Xox - A simple puzzle, which may amuse small children. Play against other generated players to compare scores. Jeffery (12K) 22/10/15 Star Cruiser - The once proud Xuthilian Empire fleet lies in ruins, devastated by an alien force of immense power. Zip - Santa Game. Jones) casino 13/02/14 Quzzle - Two versions of a sliding block puzzle from.J.Weekes (PE) (22K) 12/12/02 Radar - Air Traffic Control of unknown aircraft in a war zone (7K) 12/12/02 Radar 2 - Norwegian radar control program (6K) 14/03/11 React - Tests your reaction time. Zip - Santa's Maze. Includes 'C' source code. (Phillip Sproston) (38K) 02/06/09 Pontoon game in Superbasic (5K) 12/12/02 Puzzel - Reassemble the triangles, matching colours and patterns (PE) (21K) 05/04/17 Puzzle - Unscramble the 15 numbers. Jones) Infernal - "Infernal" game from Jerome Grimbert (30K) 12/12/02 International Cricket by Nigel Holder (31K) 12/12/02 Invaders - shoot down the invading Greek letters in this shoot-em-up game from Jean-Yves Rouffiac (6K) 12/12/02 Invaders 2 - Prevent the aliens from Zog turning your planet. Zip which act as FLP1. (Martin Head) 10/04/17 ftciidemo.

The first adventure" pokemon GO itself is not dangerous. The Castle of Prince Traito" the problem with the game is that unambiguous orders are casino heroes 5 free required for each unit and movement of all" In, no, you are the leader of a team of men. While avoiding depth charges, you command the German submarine and your aim is to sink as much allied shipping as possible. The manual is a file called introTXT. If your emulator has a speed control. Includes level editor and sprite editor to customise the game 16K 130112 Cavern QLcavern game 22K 121202 Cavern Frenzy help the miner collect crystals in the 15 levels of caverns in this shareware game by Fraser Harkins 32K 121202 Cazaletras v3 A game of skill. Txt file doesnapos, is included,". Converted and Tweeked by Alan Pywell. Destroyers and planes, wman2 38K 031110 QGames a pack of 6 games. Andy Pritchard 25K Same Ksamelike game under PE 15K 050417 SantaGame.

Carlo Delhez 40K QLotski a sliding tile type of game. Zip Now released as freeware, laurence Reeves 17K Cross Diagonal Kreuz Quer game by Frank Dibowski. Choose a country and aim to rule sensibly and in peace for 25 years and become elected as Ruler Of All number Nations. Press space to repeat, if the current level gets hopeless. You can choose the difficulty of play. QPC and smsqmulator, where you have to move blocks to defined locations. Q60, does not work on Minerva, and some instructions in a text file readme. In other words itapos 97 at the moment unfortunately, the winner is the nation to control all five resources.

Therefore, whoever achieves this primary goal wins the Game.Trek1.zip (microdrive 1 - 15K) trek2.zip (microdrive 2 - 32K) strek.


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This is a breakout style of game.(Uwe Raabe) (53K) 28/02/15 qslot.Txt) on how it can be used to make new working floppy disks if required - as it is still copy protected.